Kalila Rose Quartz White Sapphire Fall Earrings
Kalila Rose Quartz White Sapphire Fall Earrings
Kalila Rose Quartz White Sapphire Fall Earrings

Kalila Rose Quartz White Sapphire Fall Earrings

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Design from 18 carat rose gold vermeil, the earrings are decorated with triangles motif set with cultured white sapphires. The suspended U shape earrings connects to a cabochon milky aqua quartz top creating a very unique earrings. The pieces can also make a meaningful gift or a perfect, exclusive addition to your jewellery box.

Metal: 18ct Rose Gold Plated Vermeil on Recycled Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Rose Quartz & White Sapphires 
Dimensions: Length: 41mm, Width: 14mm, Sapphires 1.7-2mm

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Ring sizes

Size conversion

48.7 J 10 4 3/4
49.3 J 1/2 10/11 5
50 K 11 5 1/4
50.6 K 1/2 12 5 1/2
51.2 L 12/13 5 3/4
51.9 L 1/2 13 6
52.5 M 14 6 1/4
53.1 M 1/2 14/15 6 1/2
53.8 N 15 6 3/4
54.4 N 1/2 15/16 7
55.1 O 16 7 1/4
55.7 O 1/2 17 7 1/2
56.3 P 17/18 7 3/4
57 P 1/2 18 8
57.6 Q 18/19 8 1/4

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